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Welcome to the old fashioned internet

You have reached This Old Cabin - The Leisure Suit Lair of vintage computing, philosophical rants and less useful projects. In other words a classic personal homepage, just like they were deployed in the nineties.


/ˈɡʌbɪnz/ [British English, informal]
Various things that are not important.
"All the gubbins that came with the computer is still in the box."

Bulletin Boarding




This is a personal website by Björn Sundberg. There are no webtrackers or other info collected from you when you visit This Old Cabin. If you wish to contact me, e-mail is the preferred way. Write to bjorn [at] forndata . org.

I publish all content in my RSS-feed if you'd like to follow me in your reader of choice. Update frequency will in all probability be meagre and very random.